I honestly cannot say enough good things about Kristopher!!!!! After no luck with our local banks, we had reached out to many brokers. All of which approved us for private lending. However, with that came very high interest rates and double closing costs which we didn’t want to get into. I lost hope, until someone recommended Kristopher to us.

He went above and beyond to find us lending options that suited our needs. He got us approved at a normal interest rate, a FRACTION of what we had been quoted by other brokerages!!! We were also able to choose our term length, and have the option to renew (at no charge) when our term is up.

We can keep our mortgage there for the entire duration, if we so choose! A drastic change from private lending, which is often only one year terms. I have worked with dozens of brokers in the last few months and can say without a doubt that Kristopher is unlike the rest!

He genuinely cares and approaches each file with such commitment. I honestly feel that he put as much dedication and motivation into our situation, as if it was his own. He could have easily got us quickly approved by private lenders like the other brokers had done, but instead he took the extra time to have our file looked over by banks, institutions, and other alternative lenders to make sure he gave us lending options with the best interest rates and terms. Because he took that extra time, we are literally saving thousands and thousands of dollars!!!!

My days of shopping around for the best rates are over, I know I can just go straight to Kristopher and have confidence that he will always find me the best options! I cannot put into words how appreciative I am of the time and energy he put into our file, I swear he worked around the clock for us. It didn’t go unnoticed and my family will be forever grateful.

I have already given his contact info out to many friends and will continue to do so. He is genuine and trustworthy, with such a positive attitude and great energy. I highly, highly recommend him!!

Kristopher is an active listener and always keeps a person’s best interests in mind! If you’re looking for someone who truly cares and will work hard for you Kristopher is your guy!

Kris is professional, efficient and caring. He has a very patient attitude